what is ferragraphics

what is ferragraphics

I attack, give volume and colour iron using acids, chemicals and pigments of varied nature. Limiting the action of these but always leaving room for the randomness of chemical reactions that occur by virtue of being used as a base metal instead of canvas.
Such reactions are processes, controlled and accelerated that already exist in nature (the tendency of all metal is to return to the state it was in its origin, ie rust). These reactions vary depending on the chemical properties of each substance used. Thereby forming a microcosm-like textures that give the appearance of iron to be alive. I think of iron as if it were paper, both in the content I try to display and  when handling or shaping it.


By using computer programs learned in the field of graphic design, you can save any photo in metal. Current technology allows to fold the iron plates to get the same shapes that we could get with paper, or perforate them with great precision, achieving  any no matter how  complicated picture . Combining this technology, notions of engraving, chemical experimentation and knowledge of design / photography, I have reached a point where I regard and work this ancient material in a completely new way ...


The final result is what I have called Ferragraphics.